Will and Estates Services

Will and Estates Services

As a multi-faceted lawyer, one of Michele Gordon's areas of practice is Wills and Estates

Michele Gordon of Barrie, Ontario offers Will and Power of Attorney creation services

Having practiced in this area of law for the past 25 years, Michele is aware of the importance of each person having a Will and the appropriate Powers of Attorney. Michele is also aware that many people agree with the importance of these documents but put off their meeting with a lawyer to actually have the documents prepared. In most cases, individuals do not take care of their own Wills and Estates needs until they have had to deal with the issues arising from either dealing with the estate of someone who has died without a Will and/or they must manage the property or health issues of a loved one that has become incapable and did not have a Power of Attorney. It is at this already stressful time that they realize how the process could have been so much easier and less expensive had their loved one taken responsibility in this area of their lives by having prepared their Will and Powers of Attorney. Quite frankly, there is no reason to create this extra stress for those you love when the simple answer is to take the time to obtain these documents.

Wills and Powers of Attorney give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that upon your incapacity and/or demise that those you choose to care for you if you become incapable or divide your estate should you die, can do so immediately and without using their own funds to be appointed to the position.

Further, this is the only way to ensure that your estate is divided, as you wish, and not in accordance with the intestacy laws which may divide your estate in a way you did not intend by benefitting those you did not want to provide for and/or not providing for people that you may have intended to provide for on your death. With separations, second marriages, blended families and cohabitations on the increase, it becomes even more important to consult a lawyer to ensure that you are providing properly for those you love, including your common-law partner and step-children, if you choose.

Finally, through a Will you can also appoint a guardian for your children should something happen to their parents. This document will be used by the Courts as evidence of who you would like to raise your children if anything were to happen to you. This is important given that one or more individuals may be applying for custody of your children if you should die and the person appointed may not be the person you would have chosen to do this job.

The time to do a Will is now.

Michele Gordon in Barrie, Ontario takes the time to discuss to meet with you, become apprised of your individual situation and needs and advise you as to how to best protect your assets and your children with comprehensive Will and Estates Services.

Michele's knowledge of and experience in family law, real estate and corporate law also allows her to better represent her clients in a seamless fashion should they require other legal services in these areas. For more information on Will and Estates Services, please contact Michele in Barrie, Ontario today.

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