Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

Businesses need legal agreements to define their structure . For Shareholder or Partnership agreements see Michele Gordon in Barrie

Michele Gordon in Barrie will help define your Shareholder or Partnership agreement

Are you starting a new business or running your current business with others.

If so, it's important that you and those you work with clearly define what happens if one of you dies and/or there is a breakdown of your relationship.

If your business is incorporated, then you need a Shareholder Agreement.

If your business in not incorporated, then you need a Partnership Agreement.

Like a good marriage, it is important that the directors of the business understand their rights and obligations to the business and to each other.

Ensure that you know what will happen if something happens to your partner, especially if it is not your intention to be running the business with your partners spouse or children.

Or, what happens if you need to move?

Or, If one of you becomes ill and is no longer able to work?

Let us deal with the "if's" and protect your rights should any of these "if"s" occur.

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Last Updated On: November 14, 2015
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