Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders

Michele Gordon , Barrie lawyer can help obtain a restraining order

Restraining Orders are necessary when someone is threatening you or your children . Call Michele Gordon , Barrie family lawyer for help

Restraining orders are necessary when someone is threatening you or your children.

The Courts take these things seriously and so do I.

Restraining orders usually need to be done on an emergency basis and clients have great difficulty in taking these steps when necessary given the dynamics of control that have developed throughout the course of the relationship. I have found that client's require both legal and emotional support during this time.

Further, there is a misconception that the obtaining of a restraining order will protect you. This is not true. Hopefully once the offending party is served with the restraining order they will change their behaviours and follow the terms of the order. If this is not the case, then they have "breached" their restraining order and the Police will enforce this through an arrest. However, when you obtain a restraining order there are a number of other "self-help" techniques that you can employ to attempt to ensure your safety should the offending party breach the order. I can assist with the provision of little changes you can make in your life to assist in ensuring your safety. Likewise I can refer you to the specialists you may require to emotionally assist during this very difficult time.

Remember, there is a misconception that only women need restraining orders. This is untrue. Many men also live in abusive relationship and the law applies equally to them when they are in danger.

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Last Updated On: November 08, 2015
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