Power of Attorney for Personal Care

Power of Attorney for Personal Care

Prepare a power of Attorney for Personal Care with Michele Gordon, Barrie lawyer and let your loved one make the decisions if you can't

Michele Gordon, Barrie lawyer offer will help you set up a Power of Attorney for Personal Care

What happens if you are in an accident or become incapable of managing your own affairs and making your own medical decisions?  Who decides what is going to happen to you at this crucial time? 

What happens if your family members don't agree regarding what care you should receive?

What happens if they do agree but this is not what you would have decided had you been capable of making your own medical decisions?

What happens if they are prohibited by law from making these decisions, at all, and a representative of the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee is appointed;  a stranger to look after you and make these decisions?
This does not have to happen. 

You have the ability to decide, while you are mentally capable, who will be able to make medical decisions regarding your care, and even, outline your instructions to them.
Give the people you love the ability to make decisions, in your best interests, and according to your instructions.
This is done by executing a simple legal document, a Power of Attorney for Personal Care.


. Contact Michele Gordon, Barrie Lawyer and prepare a Power of Attorney for Personal Care

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