Independent legal Advice

Independent legal Advice

Looking for independent legal advice related to Marriage , Separation & Divorce in Barrie ? Call Michele Gordon

Michele Gordon, Barrie lawyer for independent legal advice regarding Marriage , Separation and Divorce

So you've drafted your own Cohabitation Agreement, Marriage Contract or Separation Agreement from the internet...or copied your neighbour's and changed the names...and think that you have it covered.

It's not what you think you know but what you don't even know that you don't know, in this situation, that causes the trouble.

Independent Legal Advice is what you need. That is what Michele Gordon , Barrie lawyer is ready to provide with regard to any marriage , separation or divorce agreement

I provide Independent Legal Advice. This is a meeting with a lawyer who sits down with you, gathers information regarding your particular circumstances, and then applies legal principles to the areas of law that apply to your situation. In this meeting you will be advised of what you may be entitled to with regard to legal issues such as custody, access, child and spousal support, a division of property and pension issues.

In certain circumstances this could materially affect whether or not you should agree to the terms contained in the Agreement.

Proper advice, in the beginning, could save you thousands of dollars in the end if you have not pursued or were not aware of your entitlements or should you partner, at some time in the future, attempt to set aside the Agreement you thought was valid, based upon a lack of Independent Legal Advice.

Know your rights, seek Independent Legal Advice prior to signing any Agreement. Contact Michele Gordon , Barrie Solicitor and Barrister , and let her years of experience help you .

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Last Updated On: November 01, 2015
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