Court Proceedings related to Separation and Divorce

Court Proceedings related to Separation and Divorce

Heading to court to resolve Separation / Divorce issues ? Call Michele Gordon , Barrie lawyer

Michele Gordon , Barrie lawyer has 25 years of court experience dealing with Separation and Divorce

In all cases, it is less costly and certainly less emotionally stressful to negotiate a Separation Agreement with your former partner. This, however, is not always possible. In the event that you are unable to negotiate a Separation Agreement, the Court process is an alternative way to address the issues of custody, access, child and spousal support, mobility, restraining orders, the sale of the home or the division of assets.

I have been representing clients at Court for 25 years. I have litigated all of the issues related to family law and can assist the party I am representing in the preparation of their materials, the development of a sound legal strategy, and the provision of superior advocating skills in the courtroom.

A large part of my job is to advise clients as to their rights and obligations and prepare them for what they may expect at Court. I have the experience to do this.

Many clients are swayed by their friends and families and the outcome of their separations, however, each family or couple is unique and although there are guiding principles they can be applied in many ways. It is imperative that you be advised of how the law will be applied to your particular circumstances.

As your advocate, I also take seriously my responsibility of to educate you on your legal rights and obligations in order that you are not expending time and money on issues where the Court will not hold in your favour. Part of being a good client and a good litigator is managing your expectations to ensure that they are in line with what could be ordered by the Court.

From the initial consultation, through the preparation of the Court documents, and your representation in Court I can effectively and efficiently meet your needs.

Contact Michele Gordon , Barrie lawyer for expert advocacy and counsel in Separation and Divorce Court proceedings

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Last Updated On: November 08, 2015
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