Corporate Law Services

Corporate Law Services

As a multi-faceted lawyer, one of Michele Gordon's areas of practice is Corporate Law.

Partnership Agreements, Incorporating, Shareholders Agreements - Call Michele Gordon serving Barrie, Ontario and surrounding area

Michele can assist local Barrie businesses with the legal issues and paperwork involved in incorporating your company, preparing and submitting the necessary documents to the appropriate government department, preparing the by-laws and Minute Book and assisting in the preparation of Shareholders Agreements, when there is more than one shareholder, that meet the needs of the shareholder's including issues such as what will happen if one of the shareholder's wishes to leave the company or dies. All too many individuals start a company with someone else thinking that they will "work out the details as they go along".

This works as long as everyone has the same vision for the company but this is not always the case over time. Shareholder agreements outline the shareholders rights and obligations should they have to make the hard decisions and/or should one shareholder wish to leave the business and/or should a shareholder die.

It is much better to deal with and determine how these issues will be dealt with at the beginning in order that there are known practices and procedures in place rather than having a situation where you may be running your company with another shareholder's beneficiary, for example, who knows nothing about the business, should a shareholder die, and/or have a new shareholder to work with if there are no conditions as to whom the shareholders may sell their shares.

Michele Gordon in Barrie, Ontario can assist you in implementing measures to ensure that your company is on firm ground no matter what may happen in the personal lives of the shareholder's by drafting a Shareholders Agreement which will address these issues.

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Last Updated On: June 01, 2017
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