Child Support on Separation & Divorce

Child Support on Separation & Divorce

Child Support matters on Separation / Divorce can be complex . Contact Michele Gordon , Barrie lawyer for expert legal advice

Michele Gordon , Barrie lawyer , can you strategize an approach to Child Support issues on Separation / Divorce

Child Support

In its simplest form, child support is paid by the parent that is not caring for the children on a full-time basis to the parent that is.

In most cases, where the payor is earning a regular wage that can be evidenced by their Income Tax Returns, child support is easily calculable thanks to the Child Support Guidelines. These Guidelines set out what child support is paid by a payor based upon their income. There is very little variance from these Guidelines which allows many families to determine the amount of child support payable by simply having the payor's income and calculating what is to be paid based upon the number of children the payor is supporting. This simple formula can be used by many separating families falling within this fact situation.

What happens however if the payor is self-employed? If the payor is "hiding" income? If both parties have children residing with them? If the parties have shared parenting time with the children?

These examples of fact scenarios that could exist and do exist in many families. These fact scenarios do not fall within the Guidelines, there are however, certain legal strategies that apply in each of these varying scenarios.

Let us educate you as to the recognized strategies that may assist you in resolving this issue.

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Last Updated On: November 02, 2015
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