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Wills & Power of Attorney


Prepare your Will with Michele Gordon, Barrie lawyer and ensure your property is left for your loved ones

Power of Attorney for Personal Care

Prepare a power of Attorney for Personal Care with Michele Gordon, Barrie lawyer and let your loved one make the decisions if you can't

Continuing Power of Attorney for Property

Protect your property with a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property prepared by Michele Gordon, Barrie Lawyer

Will and Estates Services

As a multi-faceted lawyer, one of Michele Gordon's areas of practice is Wills and Estates

Family Law, Separation and Divorce

Independent legal Advice

Looking for independent legal advice related to Marriage , Separation & Divorce in Barrie ? Call Michele Gordon

Matrimonial Home, Separation and Divorce

The Matrimonial Home has special treatment related to Separation/Divorce . Michele Gordon , Barrie family lawyer has the expertise to advise you

Child Support on Separation & Divorce

Child Support matters on Separation / Divorce can be complex . Contact Michele Gordon , Barrie lawyer for expert legal advice

Division of Property / Assets

There are rules around the division of property/ assets on Separation & Divorce . Michele Gordon , Barrie family lawyer will guide you


Seeking closure to a marriage dissolution? Get your Divorce done efficiently with Michele Gordon , Barrie lawyer

Court Proceedings related to Separation and Divorce

Heading to court to resolve Separation / Divorce issues ? Call Michele Gordon , Barrie lawyer

Restraining Orders

Michele Gordon , Barrie lawyer can help obtain a restraining order

Child Custody / Access Agreements on Separation & Divorce

Make sure your children are first when negotiating a child custody / access agreement . Michele Gordon , Barrie lawyer can help

Spousal Support

Spousal Support on Separation or Divorce requires legal advice . Call Michele Gordon , Family Lawyer in Barrie, Ontario

Collaborative Divorce

Avoid court proceedings and dissolve your marriage respectfully with Michele Gordon

Unbundled Services

Michele Gordon, Barrie family lawyer, will prepare the documents required by the courts for Separation/ Divorce

Co-habitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts

Entering a Common Law relationship or a Marriage . Consider having Michele Gordon , Barrie lawyer , draft a Co-habitation agreement or Marriage Contract

Collaborative Family Law

Michele Gordon is a Collaborative Family Lawyer in Barrie Ontario

Family Law Services

Family law issues on cohabitation or separation. Seek legal advice. Call Michele Gordon

Corporate Law

Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

Businesses need legal agreements to define their structure . For Shareholder or Partnership agreements see Michele Gordon in Barrie

Incorporation Services For Small Businesses

Get affordable legal services to incorporate your small business with the help of Michele Gordon ,lawyer

Corporate Law Services

As a multi-faceted lawyer, one of Michele Gordon's areas of practice is Corporate Law.

Real Estate Law

Legal Services for Home Sellers

Selling your home? Contact Michele Gordon Lawyer today

Legal Advice for Home Buyers

Buying a home ? You need advice from a real estate lawyer . Call Michele Gordon

Real Estate Legal Services

Are you looking to buy or sell a local property?
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