Why do I need a lawyer when doing a real estate transaction in Ontario?

Why do I need a lawyer when doing a real estate transaction in Ontario?

A lawyer can assist a client with the purchase or sale of their home in significant ways

Michele Gordon Lawyer in Barrie, Ontario explains why you need a lawyer for a real estate transaction

Whether you are buying a home for the first time or selling your current one - your home is one of the single most important purchases of your life. It is highly important to ensure no step of your real estate transaction goes awry.

Hiring a skilled lawyer early in a real estate transaction can save you time, risk and money. A lawyer can review the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, which is the binding contract between the parties. These agreements are usually quite comprehensive, however a lawyer will ensure your interests remain protected. In addition, they can advise on escape clauses and certain other condition to be included or modified. A lawyer will always keep your requirements and best interests in mind.

A lawyer will provide Due Diligence. Investigating title is the most important task a real estate lawyer can conduct to ensure that you are receiving a good and marketable title.

For the duration of the real estate transaction, the lawyer will be your guide as they walk you through the complete transaction - from land transfer tax to title insurance. Legal Tenure as well as Title and Mortgage Documents will all be reviewed, prepared and registered.

It is very important to hire the right lawyer, not necessarily the cheapest. Always ask the right questions to understand if your lawyer will be committed to representing you in a competent manner and keeping your best interests in mind.

For more information on why you may need a lawyer when doing a real estate transaction in Ontario, please contact Michele Gordon Lawyer in Barrie, Ontario. Michele is a very skilled multifaceted lawyer, one speciality includes real estate law.

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